Thu. Sep 23rd, 2021

Wendy Wood Law

One other Universal Laws!

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By today, most people have been aware of the Law of Attraction as a result of popularity of the “The Secret”. What many people don’t understand however is there are additional laws, immutable laws just like the Law of Attraction, that always benefit everyone, everywhere, all enough time, no matter what, whether we realize of them or not necessarily!

Knowing about the Legislation of Attraction gives us the main advantage of constructively applying it to your lives and attracting to us more with the things we want. Today, lets expand on a bit. Consider that there are numerous more powerful laws where our lives are governed as well as the law of Attraction is one among them! Imagine that in the event you knew about them and understood them as you know about the Legislation of Attraction, how far more understanding, peace and constructive growth you might bring into your life-no matter what your overall circumstances are!

By realizing these laws, we arrive at an understanding of why our life could be the way it is and that which you can do about that. These laws are reliable and so are meant to work for people, not against us. But just as the laws of the actual plane, such as regulations of electricity-if we incorrect use the laws, we could possibly be hurt by them. The goal of electricity is not being harmful, but to be helpful and it’s also the same with some of the laws of mind and also spirit. The true purpose of all universal laws and the explanation for their being is to produce manifest the glory with the infinite love of the particular Universe (or The almighty, Creator)

Cool, huh? And it’s wise that the creator wouldn’t normally make such precise laws with the physical nature, such since gravity, hydraulics, planetary action, etc… without including precise laws with the mental and spiritual dynamics too. The knowing of the laws are so crucial that you our well being, the success of our own relationships and careers and our experience of abundance that they should be teaching about them in school exactly like they teach about the particular physical laws. Unfortunately they may be rarely taught in university. Therefore relatively few people find out about them with exception with the Law of Attraction. But wanting to live without the comprehension of how these laws connect with our lives is like wanting to drive a car without the instruction on how to regulate it. It could show to be disastrous!

These laws are usually universal and all capturing. They are equal possibility laws. You can be described as a bum on the avenue or Donald Trump, are now living in Africa or New York, and these laws are working in your lifetime. Now, the beauty of studying and applying these laws is that even as do, we not only result in our own personal and also spiritual development, we also improve the consciousness of the planet! By making our lifestyles better we benefit the entire world! Talk about a win-win!

Consider the Law of Attraction is merely one piece of a big jig saw puzzle. On the list of other pieces of the puzzle will be the laws of Cause and Effect (that group the Law regarding Attraction belongs), the particular Laws of Increase, the particular Laws of Transformation, the particular Laws of Self, the particular Laws of Guidance, as well as the Laws of Balance to call a few. When you put them together they create a whole picture of how life may be lived to achieve peacefulness, contentment, meaning and delight!

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