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Wendy Wood Law

Millionaire Mind – Law regarding Attraction

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This is an interest WORTH discussing.

Poor people are responsible for being poor.

Rich people are responsible for being poor.

It all begins inside the mind. Billionaire Bill Bartmann wrote the basis for your success can be your Self-image.

There is ONLY 1 reason for financial disappointment: an inadequate financial Self-Image (some reference it as your Funds Blueprint).

The is ONE reason for financial SUCCESS a confident, winning financial Self-Image (what Eker calls your cash Blueprint).

Your financial Self-Image could be the sum TOTAL of your entire beliefs, values, rules (and also their resulting attitudes and also behaviors) about AN INDIVIDUAL and MONEY.

As long when you keep operating with a poor, inadequate, limited financial Self-Image, you might be destined to FAIL — irrespective of how smart you think you might be or you ARE, it doesn’t matter what type of business you decide on, no matter how hard and the length of time you work at your organization or job.

The poor are poor because of the POOR Self-Image. In the within of their heads, they will see themselves limited, having great difficulty earning profits, they believe it is real hard to produce money, it takes quite a while, it requires lots regarding sacrifices, they already envision themselves having FUTURE issues and limitations.. That will be what the BELIEVE. Which is exactly what the ACQUIRE!

The RICH are rich because of the RICH Self-Image. In the within of their heads. they see themselves winning on a regular basis, they believe in by themselves, they believe they were born being rich, they believe they will deserve wealth and money, they believe it is not that hard to make money in great amounts. That will be what they BELIEVE. Which is EXACTLY what they ACQUIRE.

The RICH are constantly rehearsing future successes inside their heads. They always think with regards to success, NEVER in phrases of failure.

The POOR are constantly rehearsing future FAILURES and limitations inside their heads. They always think with regards to failure, NEVER in phrases of success or profitable.

It is REAL difficult for someone that is poor or money-limited to accept it is HIS/HER fault. No one else the culprit. These people get upset and always make an effort to put the blame around the economy, the market, the particular dishonest rich, etc, and so forth. They FAIL to realize the thing is inside their OWN BRAIN. And as long while they FAIL to SEE in which, they will continue having a number of money problems.

Your economic Self-Image (beliefs, beliefs, rules, attitudes and behavior concerning money) is causing you to be a MONEY MAGNET or even a MONEY REPELLENT. There will be NOTHING else!

Rich feelings produce rich beliefs, which usually produce rich feelings, which usually produce rich/positive actions, which usually produce wealth.

POOR thoughts – well I will provide you with the pleasure and the task of figuring out.


Law regarding Belief = Law regarding Attraction

The Law of Interest (simply another name for your ANCIENT Law of Belief) materializes the positive or the unfavorable in individual lives — plus it all depends on the particular beliefs, values/rules of the precise individual.

As already discussed in other articles, THE beliefs, values/rules are the first CAUSE activating the Legislation of Belief (= Legislation of Attraction)..

This Law is is very impersonal. It doesn’t care perhaps the power of the mind will be used for good or perhaps evil purposes.

Just to prove the period, the Law of Interest is allowing the multinational corporations as well as the greedy people heading these to achieve great wealth even though engaged in activities which can be highly detrimental to the particular welfare of humanity — because these band of individuals PREDOMINANTLY FOCUS on getting their practical that wealth, no make a difference what, no matter which.

This same Law allows the maximum amount of wealth being accumulated in the hands of your FEW who only Give attention to more wealth, more power and more control so that you can enslave the rest.

This kind of Law allows these carried away, power hungry, soul a smaller amount, individuals to receive just what they PREDOMINANTLY FOCUS ON — it doesn’t matter what, no matter who, it doesn’t matter what negative purposes they are considering.

This Law allows everyone of one of us to receive what each of us believes and PREDOMINANTLY IS TARGETED ON — whether positive or perhaps negative, whether for excellent or evil purposes..

Possibly, maybe some day every one of the people on this planet will discover ways to use and PREDOMINANTLY GIVE ATTENTION TO using the positive, life-giving side with this awesome Law.



What amazes me many is that MOST people have no idea that the Law of Attraction is just the ANCIENT Law regarding Belief, which simply states in which “What you deeply believe on the Subconscious level, that you materialize within your life”, “It is done unto you when you believe”, “What you believe is everything you get”, and “What you PREDOMINANTLY Think of and PREDOMINANTLY FOCUS For you become materialized as the reality”, “Man manifests, in any way levels of existence, almost all his subconscious beliefs”.

Another amazing thing is that a lot of do not really understand why law and how that operates. It is entirely impersonal, unbiased. It doesn’t care whether you imagine in any God or perhaps not. It doesn’t care whether you operate away from pure love or genuine greed and evil.

Just look at a really small group of people who use very successfully regulations of Attraction to completely focus in their hands a lot of the wealth, power and control with this planet BECAUSE that will be what they PREDOMINANTLY give attention to. They believe they ought to have that wealth, they know they are going to get it and they will do, they BELIEVE they are entitled to do whatever they desire to with their wealth to regulate and manipulate and use the rest of the world to get even MORE wealth, strength and control.. The Legislation of Attraction doesn’t attention. It works in their favor as a result of what they believe and also what they PREDOMINANTLY give attention to.

On the other part, look at the so-called ‘spiritual’ folks. I correctly call these the ‘spiritually impaired’, never to call them simply “retarded”. They will never learn. They believe having money just isn’t ‘spiritual” and never have got any!

And somewhere at the center, you find most people who have deeply religious beliefs that are suffering lives of limits and frustration because just what they believe and what they give attention to! And they never understand, just like the ‘spiritually’ impaired group mentioned before

The Law of Belief/Attraction is materializing for the kids all their limiting thinking, values and rules.

Regulations doesn’t care whether you are a christian, jewish, muslin, buddhist, and so forth., etc., etc. The law doesn’t attention whether one believes in a god, many gods or no god in any way. The law doesn’t attention if one operates away from love or pure, unadulterated hpye and unhealthy love regarding power and control. But, what is unhealthy for a few maybe perfectly healthy regarding others. The Gods don’t really care provided that we are pawns inside their own agenda.

The Law indeed operates like God (or whatever your own personal conception is) have been holding a MIRROR REFLECTING BACK TO YOU exactly what YOU feel, exactly what YOU predominantly give attention to.

Think of as God as a possible ugly fellow holding this kind of MIRROR which REFLECTS for your requirements everything you deeply feel, everything you PREDOMINANTLY Think of and FOCUS ON.

You never like it that approach?

Then thin of the Universe being a giant MIRROR which REFLECTS for your requirements everything you deeply feel, everything you PREDOMINANTLY Think of and FOCUS ON.

Or perhaps… do NOT think in any way.

Whatever you do, the Law of Belief/Attraction will always operate — juts like it is often doing for all everlasting nature.

The ONLY way to regulate the Law of Belief/Attraction and also make it work in your favor is by identifying and eliminating as much limiting, conflicting beliefs, values and rules that you can identify.

There is NO other way as the Law of Belief/Attraction is activated from the VIBRATIONS of your main thoughts acting like magnets. As well as the THOUGHTS you think, the people producing the vibrations in charge of activating the Law regarding Belief/Attraction, are in the PREDOMINANT direction of one’s beliefs, values and principles. They are CAUSED from your PREDOMINANT beliefs, values and also rules, which make you think the method that you do and FOCUS About what you focus on.

The sort of beliefs, values and rules DETERMINES what you see PREDOMINANTLY. And these main thoughts are causing the particular

vibrations (frequencies) which activate regulations of Attraction (Legislation of Belief) to attract for your requirements RESULTS that are in perfect HARMONY along with your beliefs,

values and principles.

It is not that complicated once you know all this.

Now, the only remaining step is to get the most effective techniques to spot and eliminate the greatest possible variety of limiting, conflicting beliefs, beliefs and rules. And then IMPRINT in your Subconscious the sort of beliefs, values and rules that may produce the PREDOMINANT FEELINGS yiou think, which is likely to make you PREDOMINANTLY FOCUS around the things you DESIRE, which often will produce the proper vibrations (frequencies) to attract into your daily life what you truly need.

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