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Wendy Wood Law

Break regulations, Suffer the Consequence

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Days gone by does not change regulations.

There is a variation between breaking man’s legislation and God’s law. You will get away with breaking guy’s law but God’s regulations are forever. You might think you might be getting away with transgressing God’s law but in the long run every law breaker receives judged and punished. The punishment is obviously befitting the crime. View is swift and honest.

The same Laws regarding today govern tomorrow

The same laws exist today that have been in effect yesterday and will also be tomorrow. When we enact the law today you won’t change yesterday but will give an enhanced experience regarding tomorrow. By enacting and correctly while using the law it can lead to happiness, peace, poise, strength, and prosperity for our own tomorrows. Limitation is the consequence of an ignorance use with the law. Limitation has no status it really is merely a circumscribed means of experiencing your freedom of choice.

Don’t go astray

You need to be careful that your thought just isn’t influenced by physical performances or material longings. Everyone gets the power to change their particular circumstance. But, to hold the power is not adequate. – you must put it to use, but not abuse that. With power comes fantastic responsibility and knowledge. You need to tune in, since this inner Divine presence and bond in an effective partnership of cooperation.

And fall far from the law

He could be the supplier you are the particular deliverer. His word could be the law and you enact regulations in a partnership regarding mutual love and affection. Free yourself from almost all strife and confusion, understand God is at all and is almost all. You are of God acting being a free agent as it is possible to make free choices. Almost everything exist for mankind’s knowledge and nothing functions with out enlightenment. All is for your pleasure of God and also mankind’s betterment.

No matter the specific situation

No matter how significantly power God’s word includes, it is of simply no use without Man’s share. It is man in which exemplifies God’s existence and also transfers God’s experience in to the material world. This just isn’t an act of will in different since of the expression, any more than to consider a beautiful landscape could be an act of can. True, we must use a willingness but not anyone to be confused with any demanding determination. We must draw God toward us because the lamp draws the moth.

Fact prevails

You must be definitely sure whenever you understand God’s presence there can be a right action that uses. Theoretically, you convert things directly into thoughts and handle thoughts as opposed to things. Thoughts can be digested inside the mind and broken directly into knowledge where things are usually material extrapolations. The coloration between considered and material is both are things which can be controlled by the brain.

If you use regulations for good

As we invoke regulations it evolves into kind and becomes an inescapable experience. Chose to utilize the law incorrectly and your experience will probably be harmful or regressive. Enact the law effectively and your experience can be beneficial or progressive. If you gain success be hurting others you’ll never enjoy it as you ought to. A thought or action can not be against itself. Gain wealth in the positive way and your experience will probably be positive.

Good will constantly come

The law is continually in force, we discover it and input it into motion. Being any force, law can only apply pressure rather than direction. Law is regulations and knows no excellent or bad, it simply knows truth.

From a great awakened spirit

All spiritual awaking is when it comes to Divine realization at the biggest market of our thought and when it comes to directing the law in to a decided action. Anytime someone awakens Spirit and directs its power it really is effective, but no matter just how great a realization of goodness you’ve got, unless spirit is directed it’s got no course but stays an unused force.

Avoid being misled

All the religions on earth cannot change Reality. They only change our perception than it. Our thought has the maximum amount of power as we believe it’s got at any particular moment. People could not feel thought has power unless it really is demonstrated in the legislation. The reason we may have such a faith and belief is really because we know that opinion and faith act in unison as law.

You come in control

We must realize the implications with this power and direct that toward good. It can be our duty to become responsible and share God’s laws with other liable people. We must rise especially belief in the divorce of God and person to a realization that there are nothing in God’s regulations to contradict our word in fact. God is in all which is all, He experiences Themselves through our experiences. It pleasures Him once we are pleasured in the full and rewarding life.

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