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Establishing paternity for out-of-wedlock children

The author of a study published in the journal 'Human Nature" explored the reasons why men voluntary establish paternity when they are not wed to their children's mothers and the effects on kids when paternity is not established. This information might be valuable to Texas residents since there are nearly 750,000 infants born each year that go home from the hospital without legal paternity being established.

Establishing paternity in Texas

While many children in Texas are born to married parents, there are also numerous births in which parents remain unmarried. Maternity is easily established as a mother gives birth to her child, but paternity is not always automatically established. However, a child is dependent on both parents for love and support in various forms, which makes the establishment of paternity a priority. Paternity benefits not only the child, but also the father in terms of rights and responsibilities.

When can a custody or support change be sought?

Change is a normal part of life. Sometimes things change because we want them to. Sometimes the changes come out of the blue. It's usually considered a sign of strong character if a person can deal with the changes they confront. But what do you do when the change affects more than just you?

Fathers' rights fights aren't limited to the family law arena

Gender bias is something that is supposed to be a thing of the past. The ideal has proven to be easier stated than achieved, however. As we noted in a post in December, while the law in Texas regarding child conservatorship takes a purposely neutral position on the issue, courts aren't always as balanced in making final determinations. Mothers often get greater control over physical custody of a child. Fathers often get more of the financial burden.

Equal rights for dads can require overcoming bias

Everyone is equal under the laws of Texas and the rest of the United States. That's the ideal. It is supposed to apply in criminal cases or civil actions. It even is supposed to be the norm when courts are faced with making determinations of the rights of mothers and fathers when family law disputes arise.

What can I do if I feel my parenting rights are violated?

We don't think it's very likely that a parent would look back on a relationship with their children and express regret that they spent too much time with the kids. If anything, the opposite is bound to be more likely. Time with those we love, especially our children, is precious. And that very often serves to cause friction when parents are trying to develop workable parenting plans.

Sometimes a father's rights mean not having to pay support

The rules for resolving parenting obligations and rights in Texas is meant to be gender neutral. That's the ideal. The reality is that very often things wind up hitting the male side of the equation a little bit harder. To counter possible biases it is important to work with an attorney who understands the disadvantages a father can face.

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