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Getting custody of a sibling

There may be situations in which Texas residents want to get custody of their siblings. This might be because the parents have died, or it could be because the person believes the parents are unfit. People who want to get custody of their siblings in the event of the parents' death may want to discuss this in advance. The sibling can be named in the will as the child's legal guardian, and this may reduce the likelihood that others might be able to get custody.

How nesting may help children after a divorce

Texas parents who are ending their marriage and who are concerned about the effect the divorce might be having on their children may want to consider a child custody arrangement called "nesting". This allows children to remain in their home while their parents take turns, and this differs from a traditional arrangement in which children switch between their parents' homes. Nesting can be a good arrangement that allows children time to adjust to a divorce.

When a parent is concerned about substance abuse

Texas parents who are separated or divorced may become embroiled in a child custody dispute if one believes that the other is abusing drugs or alcohol. A parent might be concerned about the child's safety with the parent who is abusing those substances. If there is not already a custody agreement in place, they should present their concerns to the judge at the custody hearing.

Parental rights and long-distance contact with a child

Texas non-custodial parents who live far away from their children might have an agreement to communicate with them by phone, text or video call. However, the custodial parent might try to block that communication. In general, a parent cannot block the other parent from calling their child if that parent otherwise has parental rights.

Positive outcomes in child custody

Child custody is one of the most difficult parts of any divorce. Many Texas parents are concerned about what may happen in a child custody proceeding and may even consider it to be a battle with their estranged spouse they must win. It is important to understand the basics of how child custody works in court to get the best outcome possible.

Modifying child custody arrangements

Child custody decisions in Texas and around the country are made with the best interests of the child in mind, but these arrangements may be revisited and modified by family law judges when situations change. The courts are generally quick to act when custody arrangements could be placing children in physical danger. Authorities may become involved when police respond to reports of domestic violence in the custodial parent's home or when teachers alert social workers about children who fear going home.

How to focus on children during a divorce in Texas

Divorce is normally a difficult process for everyone involved, but children are often the ones hit the hardest. Parents who focus on putting their kids' first when divorcing can lessen their suffering. Helping their children deal with their emotions, making stable visitation arrangements for when the divorce is ongoing and considering a mediated divorce are all actions parents can take to make this painful time a lot less traumatic.

Robin Thicke loses custody of son over spanking allegations

Texas residents may have heard about the custody battle that is going on between 'Blurred Lines" singer Robin Thicke and his ex-partner Paula Patton. The estranged couple has been fighting over custody of their 6-year-old son. On Jan. 26, a judge dismissed Thicke's petition for temporary sole custody and issued a restraining order that will prevent Thicke from going near his son, Patton or Patton's mother.

The importance of a co-parenting agreement

There is little question that divorce can be especially hard on children. Texas parents want the best for their children during such a difficult time, but it can be difficult to make that happen. It is common for parents to lose trust in each other and be less willing to work together during a divorce, especially if the proceedings are contentious. A detailed co-parenting agreement can help to provide stability and predictability for both parents and children as they adapt to the new normal after the split.

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