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The importance of a co-parenting agreement

There is little question that divorce can be especially hard on children. Texas parents want the best for their children during such a difficult time, but it can be difficult to make that happen. It is common for parents to lose trust in each other and be less willing to work together during a divorce, especially if the proceedings are contentious. A detailed co-parenting agreement can help to provide stability and predictability for both parents and children as they adapt to the new normal after the split.

A parenting plan is a broad legal agreement between the parents that dictates the responsibilities of each parent and the child custody and visitation terms. The good news for parents is that if they can work together, the court gives them a great deal of flexibility to create a plan that works for them.

Many issues can be included in a parenting plan. While the more detailed the plan is the more likely it is to be eventually violated in some way, it is important that the plan address as many possible issues as it can. This may include various what-if scenarios and also issues that may be a few years into the future. If a parenting plan has to be revised, this could mean added costs and a period of uncertainty or disagreement.

It is important for parents to communicate and work out a plan that they can live with and that is most beneficial to their children. It is also important that a parent successfully creates a document that will uphold their rights as a parent and ensure that their former spouse cannot take advantage of them in the future. An attorney may be able to help a parent draft a parenting plan or revise one that their spouse has offered to ensure that nothing important has been overlooked.

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