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Grey divorces in Texas

Based on a study done by the National Center for Family and Marriage Research at Ohio-based Bowling Green State University, divorce for individuals who were 50 or older, also known as grey divorce, was twice as common in 2014 compared to 1990. There are a variety of possible reasons for this dramatic increase, but many experts believe that empty nest syndrome and the fact that divorce is much more acceptable are two of the most likely explanations.

Why a formal child support agreement is important

Not all divorced Texas parents have a formal child support agreement in place. A study reports that by 2014, the number of eligible parents with child support agreements had dropped to 49 percent from 60 percent a decade earlier. Parents enrolled in the federal Child Support Enforcement Program are better served overall, but fewer of them are getting the benefits of the program.

Planning a move while co-parenting

When divorced parents in Texas are committed to co-parenting, they may agree to live in the same town or nearby each other. By staying in close proximity, they can create a parenting schedule that involves the least amount of disruption for their children. However, things may get more complicated later on if one parent decides to move.

Younger generation says 'I do' to prenuptial agreements

Young couples in Texas and across the country who are planning weddings are more likely than earlier generations to prepare prenuptial agreements. A national survey sponsored by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers found an increased usage of prenuptial agreements among members of the Millennial generation.

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