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October 2016 Archives

New rules for making child support payments in prison

As Barack Obama nears the end of his presidency, his administration intends to spearhead another effort to reform the criminal justice system. The potentially new regulation changes would help eliminate the policies that leave ex-inmates with substantial debt by allowing prisoners to make child support modifications. For many inmates in Texas and across the country, child support payments are a major burden.

Divorce after age 50

Many Texas residents who are in their 50s are earning the highest incomes of their careers and saving money for retirement. If they go through a divorce at this time of life, the divorce settlement could threaten the financial security that they worked to build. Although divorcing shortly before retirement can be complicated, it is becoming increasingly commonplace.

Alternatives to resolve disputed custody

Many parents spend hours of time and small fortunes of money arguing over child custody issues. Child custody disputes tend to be one of the most difficult and damaging aspects of a Texas divorce. When parents cannot come to an agreement, the issues is often litigated, and when this process drags on, family relationships and children's lives are damaged. The good news for parents is that there are several options they may consider to resolve these types of disputes.

Establishing paternity in Texas

While many children in Texas are born to married parents, there are also numerous births in which parents remain unmarried. Maternity is easily established as a mother gives birth to her child, but paternity is not always automatically established. However, a child is dependent on both parents for love and support in various forms, which makes the establishment of paternity a priority. Paternity benefits not only the child, but also the father in terms of rights and responsibilities.

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