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How prenuptial agreements benefit every couple

Differences in age, professional status and wealth can create problems in marriages, even if the spouses have been together for years. This is what makes a prenuptial agreement beneficial for every Texas couple. It is a means for both parties to acknowledge the assets that they each bring into the marriage and how those assets will be treated upon the death of one spouse or divorce.

The purpose of a prenuptial agreement is to allow spouses to know what will happen with their assets when they divorce or one of them passes away. It allows both parties to make their own rules about how alimony and property division will be handled.

Many prenups begin with allowing each spouse to keep whatever assets belonged to them as individuals before the marriage. They generally stipulate that whatever the spouses acquired together as a married couple is divided on a prearranged basis. On the matter of alimony, the spouses can agree on how much one of them pays the other if they ever divorce. They may also set a limit for alimony payments or decide to waive the right to alimony. Additionally, one spouse may want to leave a certain amount of money to someone other than the surviving spouse upon death. This can be included in the prenup so that the surviving spouse agrees to the terms beforehand and cannot try to keep the money later.

Prenup agreements provide great benefits for people who have acquired substantial assets, such as upper-class income families and celebrities, but they can also protect middle-class income families from drawn-out legal disputes or unfavorable court decisions. They can be challenged in a divorce case on several grounds, however, one of which is that one of the parties was forced to sign it under duress. This is why experienced family law attorneys will advise their clients to negotiate and sign it well in advance of the wedding date.

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