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September 2016 Archives

How prenuptial agreements benefit every couple

Differences in age, professional status and wealth can create problems in marriages, even if the spouses have been together for years. This is what makes a prenuptial agreement beneficial for every Texas couple. It is a means for both parties to acknowledge the assets that they each bring into the marriage and how those assets will be treated upon the death of one spouse or divorce.

Protecting college funds in divorce

When couples in Texas divorce, they must go through the process of dividing assets and property acquired during the marriage. Examples of assets include real estate, personal property, retirement plans and investment accounts. The latter includes college savings plans that may have been established for children in a relationship.

Property division for divorcing baby boomers

Texas couples might be interested in a report by the National Center for Family & Marriage Research that indicates the divorce rate for individuals over the age of 50 doubled from 1990 to 2014. Over approximately the same time period, the rate for those over the age of 65 tripled. When couples divorce later in life, pensions and retirement accounts are often points of contention.

Dividing retirement assets in divorce: looking at the requirements of QDROs, P.1

Previously, we began looking at the issue of Social Security retirement benefits and divorce. As we noted, it is important for divorcing couples to be aware of how the Social Security system works with dispensation of retirement benefits for divorced couples, as this could impact the timing of divorce and potentially property division negotiations.

Retirement assets, Social Security benefits important considerations in “grey divorce”

Many of our readers may be aware that “gray divorce” has been increasing in recent years, and that this has raised concerns about retirement funding for couples who call it quits on their marriage as they make the final laps in their working years. While finances are an important consideration in any divorce, couples who divorce in their 50's and 60's do have unique financial considerations.

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