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High levels of conflict can be more damaging than divorce

One of the most stressful things for any divorcing parent in Texas is concern over how the change in family structure will impact a child. A great deal of research has looked at how children are affected by divorce, and the results vary. Even so, most people have a general impression that divorce is a bad thing for children, and that they will suffer when the family is divided.

This might just be the worst possible divorce advice

When a Texas spouse announces that he or she is preparing to end his or her marriage, people seem to come out of the woodwork to offer unsolicited advice. While some of that advice is positive, much of the guidance received during this time is potentially harmful. Perhaps the worst advice that a spouse can receive in the initial stages of divorce is to halt that process and to give the marriage just one more try.

The role of a net worth estimation during a Texas divorce

One of the central parts of the end of a marriage involves determining how to divide marital wealth. This is an aspect of a Texas divorce that can cause the entire process to grind to a halt as parties argue over who should get what. Often, the source of those arguments lies on assigning a value to various assets.

Social workers sometimes play a role in determining child custody

When the safety and well-being of a child is questioned, the local department of child services is called in to evaluate the situation and make the appropriate recommendations. This series of events plays out in Texas and in every other state throughout the nation. Often, social workers are called in to work with the family, and to investigate any claims or concerns of abuse or neglect. If the matter advances to the point that a court will be determining child custody rights, the opinion of the social worker often carries a great deal of weight.

Family law issues can impact one's credit score

Most Texas residents who are preparing to divorce are aware that their finances will be affected by the change in family status. What some people are not aware of, however, is that their credit scores will drop during and immediately after divorce. Understanding how to mitigate this decline is an important aspect of planning for one's future, and it is a family law issue that is often overlooked during divorce.

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