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With so many facets involved, simple divorce is a misnomer

In the arena of Texas family law there are many ways to go about finalizing a divorce. The methods can run the gamut from a friendly, uncontested dissolution to one that requires more aggressive representation of the parties to assure that details are not missed and clients' rights are fully protected.

At times, the concept of an amicable divorce may be described as a "simple divorce." But the fact is that even the most straightforward of family law matters often involve intertwined threads. If you doubt it, take a quick look at the areas of focus of the Law Offices of Wendy Wood.

That list is made up of more than two dozen potential family law issues that could arise for almost anybody. Each may present as a stand-alone matter. It's more likely however that your situation will need to address several of them. And because each person's situation is unique, resolution of the issues isn't something that can be done with a cookie-cutter approach.

If one of the parties in the relationship happens to be in the military, child support and custody issues can be significantly more complicated to work out. If extraordinary assets exist, valuation and equitable division can require nuanced negotiation, mediation or even litigation.

If parents divorce, resolution is hardly a one-and-done thing. The needs of children change as they get older and changes in the circumstances of a parent may prompt a need for changing the original divorce decree at some point down the road.

To be confident that the complexities of your particular situation are understood and compassionately addressed, you deserve the support of an attorney who has direct experience with the process. To learn how we might be able to help you, contact us.

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