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February 2016 Archives

What are possible hurdles for grandparents seeking child custody?

The exercise of grandparents' rights under Texas law is not quite as straightforward as the exercise of such rights by a child's parents. By virtue of a U.S. Supreme Court ruling it's been determined that grandparents don't have a Constitutional right of access to their children's children.

Important reminder: keep records during spousal support payments

Many Texas residents may have heard of divorcing couples dealing with alimony, or spousal support. This is a process by which one spouse pays the other spouse, either indefinitely or for a specified amount of time, to fulfill a financial need in the eyes of the court. When spousal support is awarded, a judge will look at a number of factors to determine the ultimate amount of alimony and for how long the payments just be made.

Fathers' rights fights aren't limited to the family law arena

Gender bias is something that is supposed to be a thing of the past. The ideal has proven to be easier stated than achieved, however. As we noted in a post in December, while the law in Texas regarding child conservatorship takes a purposely neutral position on the issue, courts aren't always as balanced in making final determinations. Mothers often get greater control over physical custody of a child. Fathers often get more of the financial burden.

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