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January 2016 Archives

What are the various types of child custody?

Everyone may have a concept of what child custody is. What may be surprising to readers is that there is such a wide range of types of child custody. And then, of course, there is the interesting quirk that here in Texas, we don't call it child custody. The term used in the law is "conservatorship."

Naiveté about marital assets can hurt you in divorce

Last May, we offered up a post that asked the question, "How well do you know your marital property?" It can be easy to think that over years of a marriage that you fully understand all the financial ins and outs of your spouse's and your accounts. But what all too often happens in divorce is that it turns out things are much murkier than had been imagined. If business properties and stock options or other less-tangible assets are factors in a marriage, spouses who have less direct control over those assets can sometimes find themselves at a disadvantage at settlement time.

Why and when should a grandparent speak to a family law attorney?

The ideal vision of the family is likely one in which grandparents are generally seen as having a positive role to fill in the care and upbringing of a grandchild. That being the case, if a Texas child's parents' relationship happens to decay, it's a good chance any custody arrangement will look to foster ongoing contact with grandparents.

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