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Equal rights for dads can require overcoming bias

Everyone is equal under the laws of Texas and the rest of the United States. That's the ideal. It is supposed to apply in criminal cases or civil actions. It even is supposed to be the norm when courts are faced with making determinations of the rights of mothers and fathers when family law disputes arise.

Appropriately, the law in Texas states takes a neutral position, stating that each parent of a child has the right to physical possession of a child. Additionally, each parent has a right to direct the social and religious upbringing of their children and to make a determination of where they will live. At the same time, the law says each parent has an equal responsibility for the care, control and protection of children.

How the courts apply the tenets sometimes isn't quite as neutral as the law might suggest or a father would like. Tradition has long been to weigh custody matters in favor of the mother and to perhaps lay a bit more of the financial burden of child support on the father.

This can put a father at a distinct disadvantage when trying to exercise and protect his equal parental rights. And considering the spectrum of possible family law situations that might be involved, it's important to be confident that the attorney you are working with has the experience, skill and sensitivity to understand your particular needs.

Another thing that a father might find it worthwhile to consider is the value of perceptions. If apparent gender bias buy a court is a concern, then might it not make sense for a father to have a female representative advocating for his position?

At the Law Offices of Wendy Wood, such dynamics are well understood. If you are a father concerned about protecting his parental rights, you should be reaching out to an attorney you can trust.

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