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Can couple take back their divorce?

There are certain decisions in life that are particularly life-changing. One of those decisions is to get married. And another related life-changing decision is to get divorced. Even after having given such matters great thought, people can change their minds. The legal system, however, doesn't always make changing one's mind easy.

Dissolving a marriage is generally an available life option. If someone or a couple no longer wants to be married, they file for divorce. A couple in a case outside of Texas did just that. They ended their marriage through divorce but later had another change of heart. They wanted to be married again.

This isn't a totally odd occurrence. Couples reconnect after divorce and pursue romance again. This specific couple, however, wanted to be married again without having to actually get remarried. Instead, they wanted the divorce that was finalized to be undone -- like the dissolution never happened.

Ultimately, the state where the couple resides denied the request to undo the divorce. Based on the state's laws, there was no legal basis for the court to recognize the couple as married again without the couple actually getting remarried. 

Sources don't report exactly why the couple wanted their divorce undone but suggest there are business interests as well as emotional hopes at the center of the legal request. If the couple really does want to be married again, it looks like they will have to go for the second marriage instead of erasing the divorce that already ended their first. 

While this specific case has no Texas ties, couples anywhere might run into the question of whether they can undo their divorce. All states will have their own laws and areas of evaluation when determining whether undoing a divorce is an available option. For the most part, divorce is final and should be approached as such.

A local family law attorney can help someone make sure divorce is right for their situation and explain any available legal options should a couple or individual have worries regarding the permanence of a divorce in Texas.

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