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December 2015 Archives

Data on 'best' age to wed appears to need more study

Two people who decide to marry, regardless of whether they do it through formal processes or the more informal means of common law marriage that is recognized here in Texas, don't tend to take the step lightly. And they certainly don't do it with the idea that they will divorce at some point down the road.

Can couple take back their divorce?

There are certain decisions in life that are particularly life-changing. One of those decisions is to get married. And another related life-changing decision is to get divorced. Even after having given such matters great thought, people can change their minds. The legal system, however, doesn't always make changing one's mind easy.

Equal rights for dads can require overcoming bias

Everyone is equal under the laws of Texas and the rest of the United States. That's the ideal. It is supposed to apply in criminal cases or civil actions. It even is supposed to be the norm when courts are faced with making determinations of the rights of mothers and fathers when family law disputes arise.

Like it or not, Sherri Shepherd is a mom with responsibilities

Actress Sherri Shepherd wanted to be a parent with Lamar Sally. Then she didn't. If they had been the only two parties involved in the discussion about the issue it might not have been a problem. But that isn't the way it worked out. And now, whether she likes it or not, Shepherd is the legal mother of baby LJ.

Holidays can test the best parenting plans: tips to get through

Texas families who celebrate the holidays want them to be as joyful as they can be. It can be a challenge to pull off even when the family isn't fractured by a divorce. In those in which the parents have split, the demands of the season can be particularly hard.

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