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October 2015 Archives

The right moves make for effective family law dispute resolution

We often talk about the legal system in Texas and the United States as if it is one entity. That's not quite accurate, however. Anyone with experience with the law knows that the court system can be something like a hallway with many doors.

It could take years to see full impact of Ashley Madison hack

In our previous post we speculated about the influence that our online lives can have on our real lives. We reflected in that item about how many who participate in the activities that are supported on such venues as the online spouse cheating site Ashley Madison don't see what they do in that virtual setting as a betrayal of their spouses.

The dangerous intersection of maternal drug use and child custody

Children subjected to environments in which a parent or caregiver abuses drugs, including alcohol, are considered to be an at-risk population. In fact, as the federal Department of Health and Human Services notes, some 47 states and the District of Columbia have laws on the books that specifically seek to protect children from substance abusing parents.

Update: Law expanding TX child support collections now in effect

If you are listed as a contract employee and you have child support obligations, you should be looking at your paycheck to see if there are any new deductions being taken out. As of the first of this month, the Texas Attorney General's Office has the power to make sure that its child support collection efforts account for contract workers.

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