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Relocation can be tough for children of divorce

While the days, weeks and even months after a divorce is finalized can be difficult for both spouses and their children, the good news is that things will ultimately get better over time, as many of the heightened emotions start to subside and a new routine is established.

Unfortunately, this difficulty can arise once again for children if the parent with whom they are living relocates a considerable distance or to an entirely different state.

That's because these children not only have to cope with leaving extended family, friends and classmates, but also their other parent, who has likely maintained a regular presence in their lives and with whom they are very close.

As hard as these scenarios can be, the good news is that experts indicate there are some relatively simple steps divorced parents can take to help make things easier for their children in the event of relocation.

Before discussing some of these steps, however, it should be noted that these experts urge parents to consider that living in close proximity to both of them is generally ideal for a child and that any move away from the other parent should not be undertaken lightly.

Some of the steps experts advise parents to take in the event of a post-divorce move include:

  • Committing to being open and honest about the move, and sitting down together as a family to have a discussion.
  • Working out the details of the move prior to having a conversation with the child, as it will enable more detailed answers.
  • Giving the child time to process the move and accepting that they will have conflicting emotions.
  • Ensuring that regular communication between the child and the parent left behind continues via everything from phone calls and Facebook to video chats.
  • Ensuring that regular communication between the parents continues so they are on the same page concerning the child.
  • Providing the child with generous visitation time.

Above all else, it's important to remember that there are important legal issues that accompany any proposed parental relocation, and that parents on either side of this equation should strongly consider speaking with an experienced legal professional to learn more about these issues and their respective rights.

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