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What the law here in Texas says about mistaken paternity

It can prove to be a truly devastating experience for men to learn that they are not the father of a child that they have invested considerable time, energy and love into raising and calling their own.

Outside of feelings of shock, anger, frustration and, of course, sadness, many men in this situation understandably have concerns as to what this revelation of mistaken paternity will mean from a legal standpoint.

Specifically, many men understandably want to know what effect this will have on their child support obligations and parental rights going forward.

In Texas, the law is structured in such a way that a man alleging mistaken paternity must first file a petition with the court. Once this is completed, he must then attend a pretrial hearing, where the presiding judge will determine whether he meets the conditions to pursue the matter.

If he is found to meet these conditions, both he and the child in question will be ordered to undergo genetic testing. If the results definitively show that he is not the father, the judge will be required to hold that both the parent-child relationship and future child support obligations are terminated.

It's important to note that even though a father may see his future child support obligations terminated, he will still be held responsible for the payment of any existing child support arrears and any interest that accrues on this amount.

As far as having contact with the child, a court may authorize visitation or access if a man requests this prior to the termination of the parent-child relationship, and doing so is in the best interests of the child.

To learn more about mistaken paternity or other important issues relating to child custody and child support, consider speaking with an experienced legal professional as soon as possible.

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