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How the AG's Office can suspend your license for child support arrears

The Attorney General of Texas' Child Support Division has a variety of tools at its disposal in the event a noncustodial parent falls significantly behind on child support payments or simply refuses to pay.

While some of these tools are undoubtedly familiar to many people -- wage garnishment, the filing of liens against property, etc. -- it's important to understand that the Child Support Division has other tools that, while somewhat unfamiliar, are equally effective when it comes to enforcement.

One of these tools is license suspension, such that if a noncustodial parent falls over three months behind on child support in direct violation of a voluntary or court-ordered payment schedule, the Child Support Division can take steps to have their state-issued licenses suspended.

This suspension isn't just limited to driver's licenses, as state officials can also work to suspend hunting and fishing licenses, as well as professional licenses (law, medical, dental, etc.).

Indeed, the statute codifying the Child Support Division's power in this area expressly identifies 60 licensing agencies and indicates that this list is not exclusive, such that any licensing boards/agencies not listed are still included.

As we stated above, the Child Support Division only comes after the state-issued licenses of parents over three months behind on payments. Furthermore, once its database makes matches with the various state agencies responsible for issuing licenses, it will mail the delinquent parent a warning and provide with the chance to resolve the matter before any punitive measures are taken against their license(s).

It's only when the parent fails to respond that the Child Support Division will move forward with license suspension and refer the case for prosecution.

All of this serves to underscore that while the Child Support Division is fair, it is also more than willing to take serious action against delinquent parents.

If you would like to learn more about your options as they relate to either child support enforcement or modification, consider speaking with an experienced legal professional as soon as possible.

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