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Providing clients with much-needed help in cases involving PAS

It goes without saying that even the most collegial divorce will have an impact on the children of the separating couple. That's largely because they will have to learn to adjust to a new reality in which they see one parent far less often and/or see their living arrangements altered dramatically.

Unfortunately, there are situations in which a parent may attempt to take advantage of their child's emotional vulnerability during this time, actively taking steps to turn them against the other parent in an attempt to limit or even eliminate their interactions.

As it turns out, this type of behavior is so common that it actually has a name: Parental alienation syndrome.

In the typical case involving PAS, a parent -- either custodial or non-custodial -- will do everything in their power from telling stories and sharing pictures to speaking poorly about the other parent in a bid to make them look like someone who should be feared, hated or even avoided at all costs.

In addition to being manipulative, this behavior can prove to be highly destructive not just to the parent-child relationship, but also to the child's already fragile mental state, making them feel anxious, conflicted, frightened and lacking a sense of security.

The good news is that when parents see that their former spouse is actively trying to turn their child against them, they have rights and options.

In Texas, aggrieved parents may file a modification petition asking the court to alter the existing custody/visitation arrangement due to PAS. At the hearing, they will be given the opportunity to present evidence demonstrating just how far a former spouse has gone in poisoning the parent-child relationship.

If the evidence of PAS is compelling, the court may order the necessary changes to the custody/visitation arrangement, giving parents a much-needed chance to repair and restore their relationships with their children.

At the Law Offices of Wendy Wood, we have extensive experience handling PAS cases. We know how devastating it can be to see your child being turned against you through no fault of their own. Please visit our website to learn how we can help.

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