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Divorced woman charged after attempting international kidnapping

Child custody can obviously be a messy thing to deal with in and after contentious divorce proceedings. Usually things don't get as bad as they did on Thursday, though, when a United Airlines flight bound for Beijing had to return to Washington's Dulles International Airport because of an investigation of potential international child kidnapping.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation apparently requested that the flight return after it had been alerted that a mother was attempting to illegal remove her child from the country. The attempted kidnapping came a year after the woman and her ex-husband were awarded joint custody of the 4-year-old boy. Under the terms of the custody agreement, neither party is allowed to take the child outside the United States without advance notice and consent of the other party. As a result of the attempt, the woman faces federal charges.

Attempting to obstruct parental rights can and does involve situations like this where an ex-spouse tries to illegally take a child overseas, but more often than not, obstruction of parental rights involves less drastic attempts. For example, it can include failure to return a child to the other parent on time or to allow the other parent to pick the child up for visitation, taking a child out-of-state in violation of a custody agreement, or even attempting to alienate the affections of the child from the other parent.

Those who are currently facing a situation where their parental rights are being obstructed need to work with an experienced attorney to have their case evaluated and to come up with an appropriate course of action. This is especially true in cases involving seriously wrong behavior as in the case mentioned above.

Source: Click2houston.com, "Custody battle diverts flight," Katia Hetter, September 5, 2014.

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