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NFL owner ordered to testify in bitter child custody case

Many football fans here in Houston and across the state of Texas are undoubtedly getting more and more excited about the start of the upcoming season now that training camp has officially opened.

Despite the fact that the majority of the headlines concerning the National Football League over the next few weeks will naturally be dedicated to camp developments and preseason games, it's still important not to lose sight of some other interesting football developments taking place outside of the gridiron.

For instance, Jim Irsay, the embattled owner of Indianapolis Colts, was issued a subpoena earlier this month to testify at a child custody hearing in his home state. While this relatively commonplace legal action wouldn't be especially noteworthy on its own, Irsay's recent legal troubles have served to make it a front-page story both in Indiana and across the nation.

The child custody case in question concerns a couple who divorced back in January 2013, and have since been unable to resolve outstanding issues concerning both child support and custody of their two children, now ages 12 and 17.

According to court records, the ex-wife now resides at a million-dollar home owned by Irsay, with the children staying with both her and Irsay "on occasion." Furthermore, they indicate that the children frequently accompany their mother and Irsay -- who divorced his wife in January 2014 -- on vacations and other trips.

The ex-husband, who is representing himself, pursued the subpoena due to what he classified as concerns over the wellbeing of his children while in Irsay's presence and his desire to "shed light on the atmosphere [his] children were living in."  

The concerns of the father stem primarily from a March 2014 incident in which Irsay was arrested for driving under the influence, and later charged with misdemeanor operating while intoxicated and operating a vehicle with a Schedule I or III substance. Here, prosecutors alleged that Irsay had hydrocodone and/or oxycodone in his system at the time of the arrest.

"As a father, I do not want my children subjected to this type of behavior and lifestyle," wrote the ex-husband. "[M]oney does not buy morals or self-respect."

It will be interesting to see what transpires during the public court hearing, especially given that the ex-husband has requested access to the NFL owner's medical records so as to "verify any addictions that the minor children would be subjected to while being around Mr. Irsay."

As for Irsay, his bench trial in the impaired driving case is scheduled for next month and he continues to await possible disciplinary measures from NFL commissioner Rodger Goodell.

Stay tuned for updates ...

If you have a pressing child custody matter, consider speaking with an experienced legal professional to get answers to your questions and to discuss your legal options.

Source: The Lafayette Journal & Courier, "Jim Irsay must testify in divorced couple's child custody case," Mark Alesia and Tim Evans, July 9, 2014

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