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June 2014 Archives

Why new grandparents are going back to school

If you were to administer a test on the do's and don'ts of raising kids in 2014, there's a very good chance that most new parents would ace the exam, while most new grandparents may find themselves feeling both slightly embarrassed and in dire need of a parenting refresher course.

Why are custody rights becoming a major priority for divorcing dads?

Over the last few years, family law experts have noticed a significant shift in the area of fathers' rights. Specifically, more and more fathers are now actively fighting to secure not just visitation rights and mutually acceptable child support arrangements, but joint legal custody and part-time -- if not full-time -- physical custody.

Father's Day doesn't have to be difficult for the divorced

It may seem hard to believe, but Father's Day will be upon us in a matter of days. While many people celebrate the holiday with such light-hearted activities as a family meal and giving of gifts, it understandably takes on a greater significance for families of divorce -- especially if the split is relatively recent.

Divorce study may make you think twice about Facebook

Most people have developed very concrete routines when it comes to their Internet use. For instance, the first stop for many people on the Web may be a favorite news site to catch up on current events, a gossip site to catch up on the Hollywood rumor mill, or a sports site to catch up on the latest scores. Still others, however, make social media sites, like the always-popular Facebook, their first destination.

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