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May 2014 Archives

Historic ruling enables actor to assert paternity rights

For the past nine months, our blog has been following the ongoing custody battle between actor Jason Patric, star of such films as "The Lost Boys" and "Sleepers," and his ex-girlfriend over custody of their four-year-old son whom they conceived via in-vitro fertilization.

Experts urge divorcing spouses to remember money matters

Once the divorce papers are filed and the initial shock wears off, a spouse will soon be called upon to start considering a multitude of legal issues from child custody and child support to alimony and, of course, property division.

Texas facility offers support to domestic violence survivors

Domestic violence continues to be a concern in Texas. In fact, the state ranks second in the nation for calls to the National Domestic Violence Hotline. One local facility is doing its part to provide a transitional refuge to domestic violence survivors.

Just how fair and adequate are Putative Father Registries?

Over the course of the last 30-plus years, 33 states, including Texas, have formed what are known as Putative Father Registries. For those unfamiliar with this concept, it is essentially a state-run database whose primary purpose is to notify unmarried men that a former partner is actively considering putting their child up for adoption.

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