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'Friday Night Lights' actor getting divorced

Many here in Texas are familiar with the television show "Friday Night Lights." The show, which ran for several seasons, was a fictional drama about high school football and it was set in Texas. A divorce case has come up involving one of the actors from the show, LaMarcus Tinker. Tinker played the role of Dallas Tinker on the show.

At the end of last month, a divorce petition was filed jointly by Tinker and his wife. The two have been married for around two years.

Purportedly, documents in this court filing indicate that Tinker is currently receiving royalty payments. Thus, one wonders if any property division issues regarding royalty rights will arise in this divorce and, if they do, what resolution will be reached in regards to the issues.

For any type of property in a divorce, (whether it be a fairly conventional type of asset like real estate, a bank account or a motor vehicle or a less common asset like royalty rights) there are important questions to ask regarding the property, including:

  • Should the property be characterized as separate or community property?
  • What is the value of the property?
  • If the property is subject to division, what is the fairest way to divide it?

These questions touch on how a particular piece of property should be treated in a divorce-related property division. Sometimes, the answers to the questions are fairly straightforward, while other times they are a little murkier. Family law attorneys can help divorcing individuals when property division matters get unclear and complex.

Source: TMZ, "'Friday Night Lights' Star - Marriage On Permanent Waivers," March 10, 2014

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