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March 2014 Archives

Can a phone app help military fathers adjust to family life?

As we've discussed on our blog before, military life can prove to be very challenging for married couples as they are often forced to contend with everything from demanding work conditions and frequent relocations to regular deployments that result in spouses spending weeks or even months away from home.

Complications can arise when divorcing spouses work together - II

A few weeks back, our blog discussed how divorce frequently involves a host of complex legal concerns outside of the more traditional issues of property division, child support, spousal maintenance and child custody.

'Friday Night Lights' actor getting divorced

Many here in Texas are familiar with the television show "Friday Night Lights." The show, which ran for several seasons, was a fictional drama about high school football and it was set in Texas. A divorce case has come up involving one of the actors from the show, LaMarcus Tinker. Tinker played the role of Dallas Tinker on the show.

Complications can arise when divorcing spouses work together

Most casual observers tend to view the divorce process from perhaps a more limited perspective, meaning they think primarily of issues like who will take possession of the family home, how much support will be paid on a monthly basis and, of course, who will secure custody of the children.      

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