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February 2014 Archives

Why are more divorced fathers securing primary physical custody?

There is no question that the image of the traditional American family has undergone a significant transformation over the last several decades. Nowhere is this perhaps more apparent than in divorced households, where recent research has shown that the end result of a mother being awarded primary physical custody of children is no longer the norm.

Report finds inconsistent enforcement of child custody charges

The unfortunate reality for some divorced parents is that they may encounter difficulties seeing their children despite the existence of court orders expressly granting them custody or visitation rights.

How you can protect yourself during divorce proceedings - II

In our previous post, our blog discussed how the decision to divorce should typically be made with the utmost deliberation and analysis, as those who follow this path typically fare better in most aspects of a divorce than those who act both immediately and impulsively.

How you can protect yourself during divorce proceedings

It goes without saying that the decision to divorce should never be made lightly. Indeed, legal experts almost universally agree that those people who arrive at this major life decision via careful deliberation and thoughtful analysis typically fare better -- in nearly all aspects of divorce -- than those who make it in the heat of the moment.

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