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October 2013 Archives

Parents who lost child over medical marijuana regain custody

For several years, there have been ongoing debates in state legislatures across the country as to whether they should join the ranks of the 20 other states that have legalized the use of marijuana for purely medicinal purposes. While you would think that all debate and controversy surrounding the subject would be solely confined to these 30 other states where the drug is still considered illegal, this is far from the case.

Divorce at an older age often comes with both risk and reward

There is a tendency among most people to assume that divorce is somehow limited to those couples between the ages of 20 to 49. This can probably be attributed to a mindset that when a couple has been married for several decades, they are less likely -- and therefore less willing -- to divorce. As it turns out, however, this couldn't be more untrue.

How a talk about money can pay dividends for an engaged couple

When many young couples decide to get married, the very first action they take is to sit down and start planning for the wedding as soon as possible. While this is understandable given the importance of the event, experts are now encouraging these young couples not to forget the importance of taking the time to sit down and start planning for their financial future as well.

How a social media post helped bring together a Texas family

It is perhaps something of an understatement to say that social media has changed the way we communicate with our family, friends and the community at large. However, this relatively newfound reliance on social media -- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. -- has certainly not been without its consequences, as more and more attorneys have indicated that it's now playing a key role in many divorces and divorce-related issues.

How a prenuptial agreement can prove to be beneficial

Once a couple decides to tie the knot, there are a multitude of decisions that have to be made, including the venue, the band, the cake and even the place settings. Of course not all decisions will necessarily relate to the actual ceremony, as the soon-to-be married couple will also have to decide where they want to live, whether they want to keep their finances separate and, of course, whether they want to execute a prenuptial agreement.

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