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September 2013 Archives

International abductions to Japan continue to be an issue

It may surprise most people to learn that that nation of Japan only became a signatory to the 1980 Hague Convention on international child abductions earlier this year. For those unfamiliar with this body of law, it is essentially an international treaty that requires all signatory nations to promptly return abducted children to the nations where they are supposed to legally reside.

Study examines role of deployment in military divorce

There is no question that military life can prove to be challenging for many marriages. That's because many couples have to endure more than just demanding work conditions and frequent relocations, but, perhaps more significantly, regular deployments that sometimes see a spouse travel across the globe to dangerous environments for months at a time.

Update: Committee halts progress of parental rights bill in CA

It's important to understand that not all courtroom battles over child custody or enforcement of parental rights occur in the context of traditional divorce. In fact, the parties seeking to resolve these legal disputes concerning the best interests of children frequently involve stepparent relationships, domestic partnerships and even people who conceived through assisted reproductive techniques.

Experts urge parents to keep mediation in mind

When a person makes the difficult decision to end their marriage, their soon-to-be former spouse can respond in a multitude of ways upon receiving the news. Some might feel shocked or even angry at first, but later come to the logical -- albeit sad -- conclusion that this is probably the best course of action. Others might be unable to let go of this anger and gear up for a prolonged divorce battle, while still others might greet the news with relief and look forward to moving on with the next chapter of their lives.

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