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August 2013 Archives

For divorced parents, the start of school may mean time to talk

Now that the school year is finally upon us, it means children here in Houston and throughout Texas will soon fall back into the weekly routine of school bus rides, classroom lectures, homework assignments and, of course, extracurricular activities. It also means many divorced parents will fall into their own routines of coordinating schedules and making the necessary daily adjustments.

Does having more siblings lower your chances of divorce?

Over the years, researchers here in Texas, across the United States and around the world have conducted a multitude of studies specifically designed to determine why it is that so many couples decide to pursue a divorce.

Debate over assisted reproduction and parental rights raging in CA

A very interesting debate is taking place in the state of California, where legislators are currently considering whether to advance legislation that would grant parental rights to men who have otherwise contributed to assisted reproductive techniques.

Study finds fights about money often result in divorce

If asked to identify the primary sources of disagreement among the majority of newly married couples, there is a good chance that most people would list children, jobs, living arrangements, in-laws and, of course, money. While it's true that these are all issues over which the newly married frequently argue, there is one issue that actually greatly increases the risk of divorce further down the road.

A closer look at the challenges facing today's grandparents

The number of baby boomers officially entering retirement is poised to explode over the next decade. After years spent working and raising families, this older generation of Americans will undoubtedly be embarking on a life of leisure, living off their pensions and retirement savings they have worked so hard to build and pursuing those hobbies that bring them the most happiness.

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