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July 2013 Archives

Study: There are many reasons why unhappy couples avoid divorce

According to a recent study out of the UK, there several reasons why couples continue to stay together despite their unhappiness. For instance, after surveying 2,000 married individuals, the study discovered that the number-one excuse that unhappy couples give for staying married is that they simply do not have the courage to seek a divorce.

Custody battle for children taken from Texas still complicated

Probably one of the most difficult aspects of going through a divorce is resolving child custody disputes, especially given the fact that some parents have a difficult time putting their own interests aside and focusing on the best interests of their child. This means that sometimes the court needs to step in and make the decision for them.

Four important factors regarding prenuptial agreements

In the build-up to your wedding day, there are so many things buzzing around in your head. So many hopes to strive towards; so many dreams realized; and let's not forget the happiness each spouse is feeling as they walk up the aisle. Given this context, it is no wonder that past generations balked at a prenuptial agreement. The contract was in stark contrast to the occasion. It made you think about the ramifications of a divorce before the wedding even happened.

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