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Tim Duncan dealing with contentious divorce throughout playoffs

As many basketball fans in College Station know, the San Antonio Spurs just won Game 1 of the NBA Finals in thrilling fashion, beating LeBron James and the vaunted Miami Heat on their home court. Tony Parker hit the key shot to seal the game -- but as always, the franchise's talisman, Tim Duncan, was at the center of the victory.

You wouldn't know it by the way he is playing, but Duncan is dealing with a very tumultuous divorce at the moment. Duncan's wife filed for divorce back in March; and Duncan had to file an appeal to push back proceedings until his NBA season is complete. Considering the indefinite nature of that date when the playoffs started, the major issues in this divorce have not yet been raised.

One of the key issues is sure to be child custody and support, as Duncan and his wife have two children together. For those going through a divorce right now, this is a sensitive issue.

Everyone wants the best for their children -- but everyone also wants the ability to see their children. Visitation rights and scheduling will be central to this discussion; and you always want to ask for as much as you want from the start of negotiations. From there, you and your spouse can mediate down to a reasonable agreement -- which may end up being the actual schedule that you wanted in the first place. Think of it as basic bargaining, but always keep the best interests of your children in mind.

Another aspect to Duncan's divorce could be infidelity on his wife's part. As we spoke about a month ago, infidelity can play a large role in divorce proceedings. It can result in less alimony and reduced visitation or custody time for the offender. Duncan reportedly hired a private investigator to follow his wife late last year.

Source: Enstars, "Tim Duncan Divorce Story: Spurs Confirm Split Proceedings, Report Says Duncan Investigated Wife," Kathy Karadza, May 25, 2013

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