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June 2013 Archives

Politician embroiled in contentious divorce

WHile this didn't happen here in Texas, the circumstances of the following divorce story will certainly keep our Texas readers interested. The Commission Chairman of a county in Florida is locked in an intense divorce battle with his wife of 35 years. The 57-year-old Commission Chairman was arrested in late April, stemming from a domestic incident that apparently involved his wife. The charges never stuck; but the man filed for divorce soon after that. Given the tumultuous nature of things in the past couple of months, the divorce proceedings for this family are unlikely to be cordial.

Facebook not just a danger in divorce; it can cause it

One of the growing trends in divorce is the use of Facebook to substantiate claims. For example, a spouse may file for divorce and claim that his or her spouse cheated on him or her. They may reference photos on the social media site, or a chain of messages linking the cheating spouse with his or her extramarital flame.

Divorcing couples should be prepared for pet custody battle

Many married couples do not have children, and instead have pets. To these couples, Fido or Mittens is very important to their family; in fact, they may think of the pet in the way many families think of their son or daughter. That is not a slight at families who have pets -- far from it. Instead, it is merely to highlight that a pet can be very important to a family. They care for their animal very deeply, and it brings the whole family happiness and joy.

Tim Duncan dealing with contentious divorce throughout playoffs

As many basketball fans in College Station know, the San Antonio Spurs just won Game 1 of the NBA Finals in thrilling fashion, beating LeBron James and the vaunted Miami Heat on their home court. Tony Parker hit the key shot to seal the game -- but as always, the franchise's talisman, Tim Duncan, was at the center of the victory.

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