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Will Texas mother appeal judge's enforcement of morality clause?

In Texas, divorcing parents may encounter what is known as a "morality clause." Individual divorce decrees can feature this clause, which states that unmarried divorced parents cannot have a boyfriend or girlfriend sleep over at night while the kids are present. The clause ceases to apply if the couple gets married.

Study: Depression in daughters more likely if fathers absent

Studies have shown that a severed or otherwise damaged father-daughter relationship can lead to depression and low self-esteem in daughters. This may not necessarily be true in every case; each family and child custody case is different. But many Texas fathers know that their lives revolve around their daughters, and that a father's being there and establishing a bond with his daughter is one of the most important aspects of her well-being.

Texas sisters violate child custody order, face criminal charges

Sometimes, when child custody arrangements are strained between parents, one party will rely heavily on other family members for support. This is generally a good thing, but sometimes parents act on bad advice from a family member or friend and end up risking their own parental rights.

NASCAR chairman's high-asset divorce details revealed

In general, people don't want the details of their divorce made public, but the news organizations take a special interest in marital splits when they involve celebrities or high earners. Racing fans in Texas may have seen headlines about NASCAR chairman Brian French's divorce documents.

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