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Parties fight to show parental fitness in Sanders custody dispute

It's natural for parents going through a divorce to want primary custody of their children. If an agreement about custody and visitation can't be reached, then the matter may have to be decided in court. Particularly contentious cases might even require a jury trial.

Houston residents have probably seen the media coverage of the dispute between Deion and Pilar Sanders. Their child custody case is currently being heard by a jury in Texas, and the proceedings illustrate just how difficult this kind of dispute can be for everyone involved.

Each parent has fielded pointed questions from the other's lawyers, who are not affiliated with this firm. As with any custody dispute that goes to court, the parents will have to demonstrate their fitness to the court and show that their children's best interests are the main priority.

In this particular case, a number of witnesses have testified either in favor of or against Deion or Pilar. At one point, it was suggested that Deion received a traffic citation for not buckling up one of his children. But Deion said the ticket had nothing to do with any such violation.

In her testimony, Pilar faced questions about an incident last year. Apparently, her eldest son, after running into a store, told people that his mother had tried to hurt him.

There were also questions about the kids' health care and education, as well as alleged incidents of adultery and domestic violence.

With so much at stake, these disputes often turn ugly. Deion and Pilar are each seeking primary custody of their three children. Readers in Houston may want to keep an eye on this case as it moves forward.

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