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March 2013 Archives

Is your spouse serious about child custody, or is it just a game?

Each Texas family court case is complex in its own way, and the key to successful cases involving children is demonstrating exactly what is in the best interests of those children. But what if one parent is more interested in winning the case or upholding his or her own image than in doing what is right for the kids?

Study shows negative feelings not permanent for kids post divorce

Houston parents considering divorce might be relieved to hear of studies indicating that children recover more quickly from divorce than previously thought. There seems to be a common assumption that kids whose parents ended their marriage are permanently traumatized from the experience, but one study shows that difficult feelings such as anger and shock usually disappear in kids in at most two years.

Parties fight to show parental fitness in Sanders custody dispute

It's natural for parents going through a divorce to want primary custody of their children. If an agreement about custody and visitation can't be reached, then the matter may have to be decided in court. Particularly contentious cases might even require a jury trial.

Divorce hearing divides assets of ex-surgeon

Property division in a divorce often evokes strong emotions, especially in a divorce with valuable assets. This type of divorce may also result in revenge spending, in which a spouse spends marital assets rather than allowing them to go to the other spouse. The following account of a contentious high-asset divorce will interest readers in Houston.

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