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Man owes child support totaling $1.2 million

Child support payments are a common issue of dispute when parents divorce or separate. Family law in Texas calculates these payments through a set of specific guidelines that consider the paying parent's net resources and the number of children requiring support. The following case involving large child support payments has attracted national attention.

Child custody dispute turns tragic

Child custody disputes may go beyond parents and children, involving other relatives who are concerned about visitation and fostering safe environments. Texas family law courts can also take grandparents' rights into consideration, especially when parents are unavailable to act as caregivers or when a parent negatively influences a child's well-being. However, grandparents are expected to comply with the law if they hope to be a part of a child's life.

Non-traditional families created via parenting partnership sites

While many families in the Houston area still consist of two biological parents and their children, more and more people are choosing to have children as single parents or in same-sex partnerships. Family law matters can become quite complex with regard to non-traditional families, simply because of the lack of legal precedents created to accommodate various situations.

Bode Miller files paternity suit

When parents cannot get along, it can sometimes be left up to a family court to determine who will have custody of a child. Usually, one parent will be given primary custody, and the other will have visitation rights. In most cases, a child custody dispute does not begin until after a child is born, but that is not always the case.

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