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Grandparents who took extreme custody measures located

No matter who is involved, child custody issues can be complex and emotionally draining. Parents, grandparents and other guardians may be tempted to take extreme action to protect what they consider to be the best interests of the child. But acting outside the legal system can ultimately reduce grandparents' rights, however, and will only extend complications into the future.

U.S. high court to hear custody dispute case

While child custody issues are relatively straightforward in many instances, there can be unique considerations when it comes to adopted children. It is sometimes the case that one of an adopted child's biological parents will decide that he or she does not want to relinquish parental rights. This can create a heart-breaking situation for adoptive parents who have been raising a child and who must now ask the court for help in determining child custody.

Couple's death spurs child custody battle

The death of both parents can create a permanent emotional burden in the life of an infant. While the impact of such a loss will not be fully understood at an early age, there will eventually come a point where the need for parental bonding is essential. If the appropriate emotional support is not in place then the child may struggle to accept the loss. In cases like these, a child custody ruling can determine the best guardians to guide the child into adulthood.

Sperm donor for separated couple ordered to pay child support

Family diversity has expanded rapidly across Texas over the past several years. While the most common family structure may still be a mother, father and children, these days families may include a single parent, two same-sex parents or children who were conceived though nontraditional methods, including use of a sperm donor or surrogate mother. Lawmakers and courts across the country have attempted to keep pace with these changes by establishing laws and procedures for child custody, child support and other family law matters, but unique situations may require a fresh approach.

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