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December 2012 Archives

Grandparent's rights: Families bond over the holidays

The holidays should be a time of love and joy, especially between family members. Not all families are able to get along, however, and sometimes grandparents are shut out. In some circumstances, there may be legal options that deal with grandparents' rights. Most families enjoy spending time together during the holidays, and Christmas is a holiday that children tend to remember well for years to come. Spending time together as a family is an important part of the holidays, according to two counselors from Rio Grande Valley. Children need to spend time with members of the family, and they should be able to relax and enjoy the activities as well. It's important for children to get this kind of interaction, especially since it can help them meet their emotional needs to feel respected, loved, and secure.

Controversial Texas DIY family law forms approved

Many individuals can be tempted by the prospect of a "do-it-yourself" divorce, particularly if they are concerned about their expenses. If a simple family law matter can be resolved quickly and easily, some prefer to compile and present the court documents by themselves. Other people, particularly those engaged in more involved cases, often prefer more thorough guidance.

Baby boomer divorce rates, remarriages on the rise

The end of a marriage is rarely a happy occasion. When couples decide to divorce, it can often present emotional and financial hardships for both parties. This is especially true when couples get married at a young age, when they don't yet know what they really want for their own futures. Many baby boomers are discovering they are happier in subsequent marriages.

Older couples explore "gray divorce" in East Texas

It's a commonly held belief that approximately half of all marriages result in divorce. Some Texas readers, however, may be surprised to discover the ages at which some of those marriages are ending. While many believe that divorce is an activity reserved for young couples, in fact an increasing number of older couples are now separating as well. It's a phenomenon known as a gray divorce.

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