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October 2012 Archives

Businessman in Grand Prairie, Texas, arrested for bigamy

In addition to taking an emotional and financial toll on all parties involved, the end of a marriage can present intricate legal issues. Certain cases painfully illustrate the complexities that might arise in disputes involving family law issues. Earlier this month a Grand Prairie businessman was arrested after allegedly having two wives at the same time.

Lawyers see increase in number of prenuptial agreements

Divorce lawyers are reporting that prenuptial or premarital agreements are on the rise. However, prenuptial agreements today are often different from what they were in the past. Modern prenups involve many aspects of a marriage other than money and are no longer just for the wealthy. Many couples consider prenuptial agreements to be a sort of marriage insurance that dictates how the division of property and other aspects of a divorce are decided should the marriage not work out.

Texas - is a divorce party for you?

We have all heard of the bachelor party and the bachelorette party, but divorce party? Texas readers of our blog may actually have attended a few of these parties, if not thrown one themselves. According to a recent report in TIME magazine, they are becoming quite popular and big business as well. Consider the size of the wedding industry itself, then consider the fact that half of marriages end in divorce, enter the divorce party, complete with party planners and "Just divorced" party supplies, specialized "divorce cakes" and packaged limousine services including VIP club passes.

Actress Melanie Lynskey files for divorce

Many couples turn to separation as they seek time to understand their current situation and what led up to them considering divorce. Separation allows the couple to experience the single life for a time and this is as common for celebrities as it is for many other couples. If couples fail to reconcile during a separation, they should to seek to understand how divorce guidelines and family law matters regarding property division and other issues may directly impact their case.

New HBO documentary shows children's point of view on divorce

Few divorces are unemotional. As couples split, hard feelings are quite normal. What often is forgotten during a divorce, however, is how it can affect the children in the marriage and how they feel about it. Texas residents may be interested in a new documentary from HBO that looks at the issue of divorce from the child's point of view to give divorcing parents some idea of how deeply the process can affect the most vulnerable members of the family.

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