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Divorce mediation: a proven alternative to litigating a divorce

You are dreaming about a life without conflict, a new and better life void of stress and arguments about money, housework and your children's activity schedules. But how do you get there without a costly divorce battle involving litigation and disagreements about support and child custody issues, division of marital property and everything else involved in ending a marriage and starting anew? One option that is becoming increasingly more popular with many Texans is divorce mediation.

Mediation is an alternative to the confrontational contested divorce. Sure it is easy to act out of anger or feelings of betrayal or disappointment when dealing with the end of your marriage. But your divorce does not have to be a long, drawn out battle of wills if you and your soon-to-be ex choose to have a more amenable, non-contentious divorce. If you both make a conscious commitment to work out the details through the process of mediation, you could both come out the other side with a fresh start in which to focus your energies toward a happier new life.

When you choose divorce mediation, you both work with a neutral third-party mediator. That is not to say that either of you forego legal representation, only that you work through your differences when it comes to co-parenting guidelines and child support issues together, through mediation. Not only can divorce mediation save you time and money in your divorce, it can also allow you both to reach an agreement amicably and with less anger and resentment than if a judge were to make the decisions surrounding your divorce agreement.

When a divorce is litigated, a judge becomes the decision maker when it comes to child custody and visitation schedules, not the parents who have to live with these decisions every day. A court case is also a very public venue in which to hash out your disagreements, whereas divorce mediation takes place in private.

The choice of mediation begins with the selection of a qualified family law mediator. Do your homework to find the best mediator for your particular situation. The mediator need not be an attorney however, that may benefit cases where there are a number of questions regarding Texas family law involving child custody and marital property issues. Change is really the only constant in life, and changing your family life need not be a strenuous and costly endeavor if both spouses agree to stay focused on an amicable and equitable dissolution of the marriage.

Source: Westport News, "Law Matters / Putting costly anger aside in divorce," Susan Filan, Aug. 21, 2012

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