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Custody of kidnapped Houston boy yet to be determined

Many children throughout the globe suffer from an invisible existence. Some are not registered and recognized legally, while others do not even know their own birth names. It can be even more frustrating when a child learns that the name he has been using for years is not really his given name, and the family he has grown up with is not really his own. This is the ordeal of a Houston, Texas, boy who has met his real family again after eight years of separation.

The boy, who was allegedly kidnapped, was found in Saint Augustine, around 165 miles from the apartment from where he first went missing eight years ago, according to earlier reports. Although the boy's parents have waited a long time to be reunited with their son, the judge decided that the boy will remain in foster care until early January. Until then, the boy's biological parents will have to accept a supervised visitation schedule.

According to police, the then 8-month-old infant was taken by his nanny and was raised by her and her mother for eight years. The two have since been arrested for kidnapping and injury to a child. It is unclear how authorities began suspecting the identity of the child, however once authorities learned of the boy's identity Child Protective Services took him into custody and placed him in foster care. Paternity tests were conducted which showed the babysitter was not the child's biological mother and the man who claims to be the father actually is the child's father.

The parents want the court to permit the boy to live with another couple who have been raising the couple's four children for some time now. The family court judge agreed to allow the boy to visit the couple and his four siblings prior to the next court hearing in January. According to reports, the child has been undergoing therapy as has his biological parents in anticipation of visitation and possible custody of the child. The child's advocate and therapist stated the boy was not ready to be removed from foster care and the judge agreed, which demonstrates the courts seriously consider the best interest of the child when determining complex custody cases.

Source: ABC 13 KTRK-TV, "Kidnapped boy to remain with foster family," Katie McCall, Sept. 12, 2012

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