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September 2012 Archives

Custody of kidnapped Houston boy yet to be determined

Many children throughout the globe suffer from an invisible existence. Some are not registered and recognized legally, while others do not even know their own birth names. It can be even more frustrating when a child learns that the name he has been using for years is not really his given name, and the family he has grown up with is not really his own. This is the ordeal of a Houston, Texas, boy who has met his real family again after eight years of separation.

Financially prepare for your divorce for a smooth transition

Getting a divorce has many emotional as well as financial facets, from deciding on the division of property and separating a household into two to the excitement of starting out a new life on your own. There can be a number of pitfalls in any divorce, including one not many Texas residents consider during the difficult emotional aspects of the divorce process, and that is learning how to adjust your financial outlook. Going from a dual income household to a single income household can impact your finances in a number of ways.

Divorce mediation: a proven alternative to litigating a divorce

You are dreaming about a life without conflict, a new and better life void of stress and arguments about money, housework and your children's activity schedules. But how do you get there without a costly divorce battle involving litigation and disagreements about support and child custody issues, division of marital property and everything else involved in ending a marriage and starting anew? One option that is becoming increasingly more popular with many Texans is divorce mediation.

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