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August 2012 Archives

Challenging paternity in Texas starting September 1st

A new law passed last year allows men in the state of Texas to legally challenge the paternity of a child if he suspects misrepresentation took place, a mistake was made or fraud was involved in a prior paternity case. If a man has been named the biological father of a child by a court order or has acknowledged paternity of a child and he suspects he is not actually the child's father, he may challenge the paternity in his case. However, after September 1st he must challenge that paternity within a year of learning about or suspecting he may not actually be the child's biological father.

San Antonio grandparent's receive back to school support for kids

As many grandparents in Brazos County and around Texas know, raising their grandkids can be a challenging task, both financially and emotionally. One area group hopes to help these grandparents by providing access to school supplies and vouchers to help their grandkids prepare for the start of the school year. Earlier this month, more than 90 grandparents took advantage of a program that offers supplies and a small voucher to help their grandkids get ready to learn.

Collaborative approach to family law issues has multiple benefits

As anyone who has ever been divorced in Texas or elsewhere knows, divorce is never a simple matter whether the divorce is contested or uncontested. One approach to family law however has many divorcing couples and their attorney's agreeing that it doesn't have to be a painful and drawn-out affair either. That approach is called collaborative law and it allows both sides to retain their own attorneys while at the same time commit to focusing the discussions on the end result, rather than how to approach the disagreements in a trial.

Is child custody battle brewing between Levi Johnston and Palin?

Many in Texas may have heard about the reality television show titled "Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp," staring Bristol Palin and her son Tripp with former boyfriend Levi Johnston, even if they have not watched it. Apparently Mr. Johnston is watching the show as he has reportedly taken steps to seek custody of his son after watching some of the antics on the show.

Is gaining U.S. citizenship possible after divorce?

A man who married a U.S. citizen last year is wondering if he will still be able to receive a permanent green card after his wife has left him. His wife filed a petition for him and he applied to become a permanent resident of the United States. He received a two-year, temporary green card after he married his wife. His wife has since left him and he wants to know what his chances are for him to obtain a permanent residency card to remain in the United States. Some Texas residents might be interested in the answer, according to a newspaper columnist who stated that divorce might be his best option.

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