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June 2012 Archives

NBA star's ex-wife arrested in child custody, visitation dispute

Many Texas parents who have ever been involved in a custody dispute, or know someone who has know things do not always go smoothly when it comes to visitation schedules and court-ordered parenting time. Such is the case between NBA player Dwyane Wade and his ex-wife in an incident that occurred over Father's Day weekend.

Texas law allows men to challenge paternity and end child support

A veteran of the U.S. Navy and recent college graduate married his high school sweetheart early in his life and while in boot camp his wife became pregnant. He told a local news channel that during his service he would often be separated from her for six or seven months at a time while on military leave. The couple separated and eventually divorced and he began paying $450 per month in child support.

Texas Supreme Court to decide on child custody mediation - part 2

In a continuation from last week's post we are reporting on a story involving a custody dispute between a father and mother who divorced in 2007. In 2010 the father sued the mother for primary custody of their daughter and they turned to mediation to broker a child custody agreement. The father now wants that agreement overturned. A very specific section of Texas family law dealing with child custody is being challenged in this case.

Texas Supreme Court to decide on child custody mediation - part 1

Let's begin this post with the background of a case about a custody agreement that was reached through mediation, which is a legally binding approach to reaching divorce and custody agreements in the state of Texas. Mediation is a popular choice for Texans as it is often a less expensive, faster and less-stressful process than a protracted court battle over divorce and child custody agreements.

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