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May 2012 Archives

'Divorce Texas Style' starts filming in Montgomery County

A feature filmed slated to be released on DVD and cable television has begun filming in Montgomery County this month. The film, titled "Divorce Texas Style," is a story about two detectives who become suspicious after four husbands of high society women die in tragic accidents over a several month period. And it's a comedy. The screenplay was written by Houston actress and writer, Melrose Fougere. In 2010, "short" movie of the story won her a Remi Award at the 43rd Annual Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival.

Former Texas man fights for custody rights of non-biological son

The biological mother of a now 6-year-old boy was living in Texas when she gave birth to him. According to sources, she told a friend she could not afford to care for her child so she gave the child to her friend and her husband. According to the couple, a little more than a year later, the biological mother changed her mind and filed for custody of the child. The custody dispute is now going on its fifth year. At the heart of the dispute is exactly how the non-biological father's name appeared on the child's birth certificate.

Do grandparents have rights when their grandkids are abandoned?

Although this story comes from another state, there is no doubt it is a widespread problem across the country and one that many Texas grandparents can relate to. There is a group of grandparents who claim their adult children have abandoned their grandkids due to problems with drug addiction. The grandparents in this group say it is a growing problem for them because the drugs become more powerful than their children's desire to raise their own kids.

Spy gadgets gaining popularity in child custody disputes

According to the American Academy of matrimonial Lawyers, 80 percent or more of the country's top divorce lawyers say there has been a marked increase in the use of electronic data, including social media sites, in divorce cases. And now it seems the electronic gadgets store is the new weapon of choice for some couples entangled in a contested custody or divorce case. Feuding spouses are snapping up everything from phone tracking and GPS gadgets to hidden cameras and microphones in hopes of gaining an edge in their child custody dispute.

Not sure if divorce is what you want? Try discernment therapy.

According to the Gottman Institute, on average couples wait around six years in an unhappy marriage before deciding to do something about it. This may not surprise some Texas residents as deciding whether or not to leave a committed relationship can be a confusing and emotionally complicated process for many. There are a number of reasons people stay in an unhappy marriage. Some may think things will get better, or it is better for the kids if they stay together, yet others are simply afraid of what comes next.

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