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Latest ruling in lengthy child custody dispute brings father hope

Texas fathers might be interested in the latest ruling in a 4-year-old child custody case where one father is fighting for the custody of his daughter. It took four years but the latest court ruling required the father's name be placed on his daughter's birth certificate, but the fight isn't over yet. This case is providing hope for similar cases around the nation where biological fathers are struggling for their parental rights to have custody of their children after they have been illegally put up for adoption.

The case began when the man learned that his girlfriend was pregnant. Months before his daughter was born, the father had filed for paternity rights for his child in the state of Colorado, where they both lived at the time. He did not learn of his daughter's birth until his then girlfriend returned from a trip to Utah where she had the baby and placed her up for adoption - without him even knowing.

The father has since been fighting for the custody of his daughter in what he calls a 'system of injustice' after his daughter was adopted without his consent in Utah. A 3rd District Court judge said he intends to dismiss the case challenging the adoption in Utah. This would ultimately send the case back to the state of Colorado where it first began and Colorado courts can then decide the final outcome.

What had been at issue in the Utah case was the fact that the father did not file for paternity in that state, where the child was born and placed for adoption. The father claims he did not know his girlfriend went to Utah nor did he think she would give the baby up for adoption.

Court documents said the birth mother, who allowed her sister and brother-in-law to adopt the child, acted deceptively in the matter. The Utah legislature is considering changes to the state's adoption laws because of this case. This case is bringing hope to other fathers who are fighting for their parental rights in cases involving the illegal adoptions of their children.

This case demonstrates how difficult it can be for an unmarried father to establish paternity rights when the mother chooses to place the baby up for adoption. An experienced child custody attorney can make a big difference in a case. After four years the father, who now lives in New Mexico, is one step closer to gaining full custody of his daughter.

Source: 9News.com, "Court rules in favor of father in landmark Utah adoption case," Jeffrey Wolf, Mar. 23, 2012

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