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Bryan Parenting Time Lawyer

A Bryan Parenting Time Attorney Focused on Creative Solutions to Visitation

Wendy Wood is a parent who went through a divorce. As a young mother, she learned early on the importance of looking out for the best interests of her child. She also saw the value of having an attorney who provided personalized representation in cases that involved parenting time. That background combined with her legal experience and knowledge helps her provide her clients with a higher level of compassionate representation.

If you are looking for creative solutions to spend more quality time with your children while focusing on their best interests, contact us at 713-893-1882.

A Houston Visitation Schedules Attorney Advocating for You and Your Children

The courts are bound by the Texas Family Code. Many attorneys strictly conform to the code in scheduling parenting time and visitation. In doing so, they often ignore the specific and unique issues related to the lives of their clients and their children. At the Law Offices of Wendy Wood, our founder strives to negotiate schedules that meet the needs of unique schedules, not Texas law.

Creative solutions to visitation can be employed in securing more time if it is in the best interests of the child. Schedules related to school, doctor appointments and extra-curricular activities are unique and often require exceptions to the rules.

Implementing those solutions require parents to get on the same page and focus on what their children need. Wendy Wood, the founder of our firm, can find that common ground through mediation or the Collaborative Divorce process. However, if litigation provides the best option for you, we will zealously represent you in court.

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